Massage Treatments

Each session is customized to meet the unique needs of you, the valued client. Specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, trigger-point, myofascial release, pre-natal, hot stone and aromatherapy massage techniques, we also offer side by side sessions. We have one spacious treatment room so couples, friends & family sessions take place in the same room. We recommend advance notice in booking sessions when possible. Please note that our massage therapists work on call. If you would like to expedite your scheduling process. please send a text or email with your desired day and time.

text:  541 797 8267  or call: 541 899 0300

Swedish Massage

Enjoy this relaxing modality that includes long nurturing strokes with oil or massage lotion for head-to-toe relaxation. Reduce tension and promote a sense of calm and well-being as well as improved sleep patterns and reduced pain and inflammation.

1 hr $75  90 minutes $105.00

Essential oil massage

In this Swedish-style massage you will experience the nourishing and cleansing effects of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. Depending on your desired outcome, oils will be chosen and applied throughout the session.

1 hr $80   90 minutes $110

Deep Tissue Massage

A customized treatment to meet your specific structural needs using trigger point therapy, myofascial release & deep, focused pressure.

1 hr $85    90 minutes $115

Swedish/Deep Tissue combo

Want a little of both? No problem. Your therapist will work deep where you want it and use Swedish strokes where you don’t. A great choice if you have some trouble spots but would like a full body relaxing massage as well.

 1 hr $80  90 minutes $110  with aromatherapy $115

1 hour $75   90 min $105

Pre-Natal Massage

Throughout pregnancy, massage offers enormous benefits and an opportunity for baby and mother to grow together in a healthy and conscious way. Come experience the many benefits of Pre-Natal Massage with a skilled and nurturing practitioner. Enjoy laying face-down during the latter part of your pregnancy on our wonderful Prego Pillow!

1 hour $75   90 min $105

Hot Stone Massage

In this ancient healing-art form, you will experience the power of hot stones as they radiate warmth into your body’s tissue and muscles, relieving stiffness and melting away tension. Heated basalt stones will be used throughout your session, calming the nervous system, providing deep relaxation and penetrating heat.

60 min $90   90 min $125



All single sessions take place on our exceedingly healing and deeply relaxing Amethyst Biomat.