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PETITE  30 min  $45     MINI  45 min  $65

FULL  1 hour  $85           DELUXE 75 min  $115

PETITE A perfect add-on to a body wrap or polish, or just as an express treatment on it’s own. Cleanse, exfoliant, masque, arm and hand massage, serum and moisturizer

MINI  Also a great add-on or just by itself. Cleanse, exfoliant with steam, extractions if necessary, masque, arm, hand, neck and shoulder massage, serum & moisturizer

FULL   Our most popular facial. All-inclusive with extractions, skin analysis, more massage & extra time to relax. Double cleanse, exfoliant with steam, treatment masque, arm, hand, neck, shoulder & facial tonifying massage, serum & moisturizer

DELUXE   For those who would really like the full pampering experience, or perhaps need extra time on extractions, this is an excellent choice. All the same steps as the full facial but with additional time for a luxurious foot treatment with hot towels, essential oils and relaxing reflexology. The deluxe facial also includes a 4 step anti-aging eye treatment to reduce fine lines and 3 step exfoliating & hydrating lip treatment

Facial Choices:

Angelica Facial

Target symptoms of acne, rosacea or hyper-pigmentation, or just focus on hydration and relaxation with this cuutomized facial. At each facial your esthetician will customize your session and choose the proper protocol that will give you the skin care results and relaxing experience best for you. Products will be chosen from Eminence Organics’ Vita Skin line. Clear, Calm, Firm & Bright, according to your skin type and depending on your desired results

Ageless Beauty Facial

The perfect choice for mature skin or anyone looking for a lift. Enjoy natural anti-aging retinal alternative and results-oriented ingredients with Eminence’s Age Defying line. Increase collagen production and improve your skin’s health & appearance. Smooth fine lines and experience a new level of hydration and a flawless, glowing complexion

Biodynamic Facial

A lovely choice for those with sensitive or rosacea prone skin. The ultimate in organic skin care. Nurturing & soothing. Instantly calm and soothe red or irritated skin. You will see immediate results with this ultra pure facial and enjoy a beautiful new glow

Fire and Ice Facial

Enjoy the stimulating and circulation-generating effects of Hungarian Paprika and the soothing calm of Rosehips & Mint which will rejuvenate the skin with the contrast of hot and cold. Deep cleans pores and exfoliates. This fabulous treatment increases microcirculation & healthy cell-turnover rate as well as increasing collagen & elastin production. Also known as the “Red Carpet Facial,” as it is a popular treatment among Eminence-loving celebrities prior to their Red Carpet debut because of the immediate results and lasting glow. It can also be effective for acne prone and congested skin

Gentlemen’s Facial

Men’s skin need love too! If you have skin, then you ought to take care of it. Men are not exempt. In this facial we will assess your skin type and decide what the best plan of action is for you. Products from Eminence’s Stone Crop Line are often used in our Gentlemen’s Facials as they have a soothing effect for those who shave, helping to prevent ingrown hair and soothing the follicle and skin as well as having a neutral scent. If you don’t shave and have a beard, not to worry, we can work with that. Mini-Facials and up include extractions, so if blackheads and congestion are an issue, we can remedy that. Relaxing, cleansing and hydrating

Seasonal Facial

Check our specials page for the current season facial

Ultra Exfoliation Facial

Treat hypo or hyper-pigmentation and refine the texture of your body’s largest organ.  Natural pumpkin or peptide peel will address all skin types to achieve a smooth, glowing complexion


Cleansing Back Treatment & Facial Combo

Choose any facial to be preformed on the back and face
75  min  $115

Royal Treatment

A favorite among clients near and far. Deluxe facial of your choice gracefully blended with a soothing yet invigorating body treatment. Dry-brush exfoliation, body polish on back and feet, hot towel compresses & warm, full body lotion application. This is the ultimate facial and body treatment. You will glow inside and out
90 minutes $135




Deeply exfoliate, and resurface your skin with the added benefit of removing peach fuzz. Treat hyperpigmentation and skin texture for a more refined, beautiful glow. The romoval of dead skin cells and Vellus hair allows for deeper product penetration, therefore allowing skin nutrients to go much deeper and be much more effective. Facial hair will grow in exactly as it was.

Basic 45 min $65 Cleanse, Dermaplane, serums & moisturizer

Deluxe 75 min $110 Cleanse, steam, extractions if needed, Dermaplane, lactic acid, peptide peel, treatment masque, serums & moisturizer, Includes arm, hand, neck and shoulder massage

Add on’s

$5 Lip Trio 3 step exfoliating, hydrating and healing lip treatment

$10 Eye Quattro 4 step rejuvenating treatment



Enhance the benefits of any facial with the addition of this extra thorough exfoliation and refinement. Treat sun damage, hyperpigmentation, uneven complexion, acne scars and reduce fine lines & deep wrinkles

Basic 60 min   $95  Cleanse, steam with exfoliant, microdermabrasion, masque, arm, hand neck & shoulder massage, serum, moisturizer

Deluxe 90 min $135  same steps as in the Basic Microdermabrasion treatment with the addition of a luxurious lower leg and foot treatment, double masque, extra time for extractions and or massage as well as an anti-aging eye and lip treatment

The benefits of Microdermabrasion are cumulative, therefore best results will be seen with a series of 6. Enjoy a complimentary Bright skin set and Stone Crop hydrating mist to enhance the results of your treatment. To take advantage of this offer your series must be paid for in full by your second appointment

series of 6 Basic $570    series of 6 deluxe  $810



Low level electrical impulses retrain the facial muscles by stimulating them to exercise. Improve muscle tone in face, neck, jaw line & eyebrows. Reduce lines and wrinkles. Aids in lymphatic drainage and product penetration. Decrease inflammation and enjoy a new refreshed face

Basic 60 min       $95 cleanse, tone, exfoliant, serum, microcurrent, masque, arm massage, moisturizer
Deluxe 90 min    $135 cleanse, tone, exfoliate with steam, extractions, serum, microcurrent, masque, arm, hand & foot massage, moisturizer Package add on   $60

The benefits of Microcurrent are cumulative, therefore best results will be seen with a series of 6. Enjoy a complimentary Firm skin set and Neroli age defying tonique when you purchase a series. To take advantage of this special offer your series must be paid in full by your second appointment

series of 6 Basic $570    series of 6 deluxe  $810


Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. Tiny needles create a wound response to promote regeneration in deeper levels of the epidermis, stimulating collagen and increasing cell turnover rate. Hundreds of minute microchannells are opened in the skin to enhance product penetration and absorption. Numbing cream will be used prior to Microneedling. Can be beneficial for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pore size and depth, acne scars and sun damage

1 hr $175    Series of 3 $525  *see specials page for introductory offer

For optimal results choose a series of 3 and enjoy a complimentary Eminence Organic Clear, Calm, Firm or Bright travel set


Oxygen Treatment

Detoxify, brighten, increase collagen, reduce inflammation and achieve glowing skin

add on to any facial $20

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