The complete spa experience with body treatments and a facial all wrapped into one. Spa Packages

with Petite facial 2 hours                $225

with Mini facial 2 hrs 15 minutes  $245

with Full facial 2 hrs 30 minutes   $265

Before, during & after your treatment we will be sure to offer you hydrating beverages and ensure comfort on every level


Coffee body polish infused with essential oils to flush the lymphatic system and kick start the metabolism. Deep detox Hungarian moor mud. During your wrap enjoy a facial according to skin type



Lavender infused body polish, Blueberry Slimming Body Wrap, & custom facial according to skin type. Anti-oxidant rich and detoxifying. Metabolism stimulating herbs help cleanse adipose tissue from the system


Luxurious Valentines inspired spa treatment anytime of the year. Chocolate truffle body polish, hydrating rose mud body wrap, chocolate, & rose custom facial



A great choice for lovers of all things tropical. Close your eyes and drift away on an olfactory and sensory journey to tropical spa heaven. Coconut sugar scrub, mango enzyme body wrap, pineapplle, neroli & lime exfoliating facial



Experience the flavors of Fall anytime with this soul warming spa treatment. Cranberry pomegranate sugar scrub, pumpkin cream hydrating body wrap with red currant and  pumpkin exfoliating facial


Cleanse and purify your temple with this nurturing and clearing treatment. Sage is used in many cultures to clear the mind and physical body. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is healing for the skin. Essential oil of sage infused body polish, Black Baltic mud wrap & custom facial


These unique packages are head to toe treatments using high grade facial products for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

with Petite facial 2 hours        $250

with Mini facial 2 hrs 15 min  $270

with Full facial 2 hrs 30 min   $290


Quench your skin’s thirst with a full body application of high grade facial products applied head to toe.  Monoi, (A traditional Tahitian blend of coconut and gardenia) exfoliating body polish, Bamboo Firming body masque, and our Ageless Beauty facial



High grade facial products are used in this one of a kind head to toe ultra deluxe spa treatment. Full body exfoliation with dry brush and citrus body polish. Facial grade body wrap with Eminence Organics award winning C & E masque. Increase collagen & elasticity. Decrease unhealthy cells & appearance of aging


Himalayan pink salt infused with essential oil of grapefruit body polish, Grapefruit Vitality body wrap & custom facial. Cleanse the lymphatic system, reduce the appearance of cellulite & enjoy an invigorating spa experience. High in vitamin C & flavinoids, grapefruit is an excellent immune booster & can be helpful with joint pain as well


High in the Himalayas there is a community of people called the Hunza’s. They are known for their long life span & vibrant health. Among their many health practices are the use of apricots, internally and externally. This includes the little health giving seed inside of the pit, which is a superfood. Almonds are also a favorite of the Hunza people, who have a normal, disease free life expectancy of 130 years or more. In this treatment enjoy the benefits of these wonderful healing fruits and seeds with an Apricot Sugar Scrub or stimulating Paprika Almond Mineral Scrub followed by an Apricot Masque Body Wrap & custom facial


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All single client sessions take place on our amazing BioMat! Learn more about the healing benefits of amethyst-filled BioMats.

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