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Harvest Magic 

Deluxe Spa treatment featuring the lovely accents of Fall. Full body exfoliating cranberry pomegranate sugar scrub, pumpkin cream hydrating body wrap and pumpkin exfoliating facial. This head to toe treatment is the ultimate in full body pampering that will leave your skin supple and your face smiling

              with Petite Facial 2 hrs $225  with Mini Facial 2 hrs 15 min $245  with Full Facial  2 & 1/2 hrs $265


Ayurvedic Spa Package 

Deluxe body treatment and facial experience 

Garshana: Full body silk glove exfoliation to prep skin for further treatment

Shirodhara: Warm oil treatment for relaxation and nourishment to skin and hair

Udvartana: Revitalizing body polish

Swedana: Detoxifying body wrap in our Steamy Wonder steam canopy

Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation: Lifting, toning facial treatment with Kansa wand massage


                                                                            2&1/2 hours  $250





     Microdermabrasion Series

For serious exfoliation microdermabrasion is the best choice. Target hyper-pigmentation from sun damage or hormonal changes, help heal acne scars & refine skin texture for a more youthful glow. Enjoy a complimentary Bright Skin Set & Stone Crop hydrating mist when you purchase a Microdermabrasion series of 6. You will also receive a free oxygen treatment at every appointment during your series. Value of free product and oxygen add ons= $186

    Basic $95 60 min  (series $570)

Deluxe $135 90 min  (series $810) Improve texture and appearance with regular exfoliation and targeted treatments while enjoying relaxation and rejuvenation